Thursday, March 27, 2008

shooting blanks

wow, this story is so telling of all that is 110% stupid with w's war on terra contracts.
miami beach attracts some really wdumb types.

Supplier Under Scrutiny on Aging Arms for Afphans
from NYT (not the harold)

"...the American military has relied since early last year on a fledgling company led by a 22-year-old man whose vice president was a licensed masseur.

With the award last January of a federal contract worth as much as nearly $300 million, the company, AEY Inc., which operates out of an unmarked office in Miami Beach, became the main supplier of munitions to Afghanistan’s army and police forces.

As Efraim Diveroli arrived in Miami Beach, AEY was transforming itself by aggressively seeking security-related contracts.

He also suggested that his activities should be shielded from public view."


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