Saturday, March 22, 2008

neo-bohemians wanted

....." honey, we're moving back to south beach"....

Just 90 years ago miami beach was a wild-life sanctuary for flocks of flamingo birds. After Fisher/Collins/Flagler leveled the place, all the flamingos moved to where they are today, the Hialeah Racetrack. Our founders then brought elephants to lure more speculating types to the tropics.

Today the 'planners' of miami beach have a CANDO attitude. They are moving ahead with the Cultural Arts District Overlay. This approach reads like a tired, contrived, transparent scheem to lure artzy wannabes to the dead-zone around the Bass museum. I believe the city is obligated to provides a certain amount of affordable housing in order to be eligible for certain funds. In '92 my art studio was on espanola way next door to the 'crazys' housing for the needy who were later relocated to a blding just behind the bass. Who knows where they are today. Can you actually gentrify a neighborhood if there is no one living there......CANDO can do.

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