Saturday, March 8, 2008

cluck, cluck, bugreeeeeen

With a warm welcome from the swamp, here is a photo of Hellen Thirstin' Howel III (the teenage chicken) and Juanita, both from the LittleRiverHoneyFarm.

The "developed" world is seeing an "urban chicken trend" that has emerged from the "green" movement, while the "developing" world grapples to avert another avian bird flu outbreak. Many foul-lovin-folks are raising backyard chickens as pets (and providers of chemical free eggs). As the poultry-larity grows so does the opposition (worms aren't too happy either). Authorities are scrambling to enact laws that restrict or prohibit the keeping of hens and roosters in urban areas. Officials instead of banning chickens, should create standards for people wanting to adapt them as pets in a sanitary and healthy fashion.

If green really is the new red, white, and blue... there are better days ahead for me and you.

The Little River Honey Farm might be the single remaining really natural neiborhood farm in the middle of the sub-urban jungle that is miami. The bees are all mostly gone but the magic remains. I remember a time when it was a field-trip destination for local public schools kids and disabled adults. Have you ever seen a "turcken"?

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