Sunday, March 16, 2008

Motoring public gets FDOTed again

The Gipper Reagen once said "America Is The Land of Tomorrow" which sounded great to some but the true sub-meaning for others was that his version of america was not for us here TODAY but for those in some indeterminate FUTURE, a future that never arrives.

The never-ending road-work the silent motoring public endures is like a hell in small doses. Day after day after months and years pass as the FDOT and local planners basically do whatever the want no matter what the inconvenience to us the taxpayers.

This article in the harold talks of the latest 'brilliant' plans for more of the same.
Get this quote from Mr. Lexus Lanes himself:

Gus Pego, chief of operations for the Florida Department of Transportation, told Miami Beach commissioners Wednesday that the agency has been ''running at 200 miles an hour on this project,'' but that FDOT would hold meetings in Miami Beach to explain it to residents and business operators.

We don't need expanations, we need to be respected. Somebody please take the car keys away from this guy.

Beach leaders wary of FDOT plan to close I-95 ramps
People want to know more about a controversial state plan to limit access between Interstate 95 and the Julia Tuttle Causeway.

Where is the outrage? We live in a car-azy world where most people are over a barrel with their heads in the sand.

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