Friday, April 1, 2011

Nuclear Reaction

South Florida newspapers are reporting a serious problem at the turkey point nuclear reactor.
As of 9 a.m. 4/1/2011 the radiation readings being monitored by scientists and politicians have shown hopeful signs that the power company can avert a melt-down like the recent Fukushima Dai-ich plant in Japan.

The water management district has asked residents to remain calm and boil water as a precaution, spokesperson said best to just drink beer.

Several workers at the Nuclear Plant were injured during the incident but they are not union guys so our thoughts are with the families their lawyers.

The Homestead Race Track was rocked to its foundation with estimated damages totaling more than the dwindling admission revenues have generated in the past 20 years.

Air Force One was on its way to Venezuela when the shock wave tore up one of its engines forcing an emergency landing at Opa Locka airport.

President O'bama made a special announcement at a press conference in Little Havana urging folks to stay inside, boil water and buy duck tape.

The fallout was felt as far away as 39 street in the otherwise uneventful design district.

Schools from Kendall to Key West are closed until first responders can sift through the rubble for evidence of terrorist passports.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, one South Beach resident said he was a bit shaken in the middle of the night but felt fine in the morning after the possible exposure to radiated iodine particle rain showers that are forecast for the April 1 weekend.


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