Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MiMo Boulevard

Boulevard of Reality

Just north of downtown Miami is a stretch of Biscayne Boulevard that defies understanding. From thirty sixth street to seventy ninth, more recently known as MIMO or Miami Modern is a stretch of swamp anchored on the south end by MAC a new public school in the old channel 10 building and the Boulevard Strip Joint on the north. Along the way is a charming blend of the residential and commercial that typify bayside living. From the tony gated Bay Point and leafy Morningside to the raunchy motels of days gone by, this stretch of tropics is ripe for commentary.

Crazy Is

The deco decals on the sidewalks are barely dry and already there are erratic markings that indicate where to tear up and dig down for some reason only FDOT could explain.

Shutter the Thought

Package Stores are a South Florida staple. Old sailors and missionaries still call them that as the word "package" was code for beer n alcohol. Where but in the land of Anita Bryant would the word "liquor" be so forbidden and the thought of wanting a drink before 12 noon on any given Sunday be tantamount to certain condemnation. Today the old booze businesses still abound but it is now ok to have display word signs.

PostCard Parade

Along this stretch of Boulevard, the dominant architectural elements are the old roadside motels that were popular with the budgeted crowds of snow-birds from a bygone era of fun in the sun. Here are just a few of the dilapidated postcard gems

Art Galleries are closing faster than whiskey bars in the middle east.

Church n Turf

How this New England house ended up next to a classic modern church is a testament to exactly why Biscayne Boulevard is so befuddling.

Havana Fascade

A box is just a box until the cuban builders do a mediterranean revival make-over on it. From Kendall to Aventura people are generally comfortable with this trolicalization of otherwise non-buildings.

Classic Modern Old

Q: Why does so much of Miami appear.... well just plain empty?
A: Because it is mostly swamp occasionally interrupted by attempts at architecture.

Smut Palace

You cant kill vice, it is as old as man.

Play It Again, Sergio

This is actually one of 79 street's best kept secrets, the little piano bar that could.


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