Monday, April 4, 2011

on Education

Plato and Aristotle at DASH

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

"Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence. "

Shake and Educate

A few weeks ago Miami Central Senior High School was honored by a visit from President Obama. At the request of the White House, Jeb Bush was also in attendance for a pep talk on the state of public schools at a critical time in the national debate on our dwindling national effort to leave no child behind. The way forward may be to celebrate our commonalities and individual autonomy by instilling in kids the thought that the world needs them. A decent education has the ability to homogenize humans from every mountaintop with the skills needed for betterment of civility and faith.

For the Record

Jeb, for those who care to know, was governor of Florida when his brother was president. Today it is painfully obvious that the bush family empire was a dismal failure at practically every venture. On the world stage Dubya's legacy speaks volumes about driving while under the influence of unlimited power. On a state level, the bush record is also disaster personified. From throwing elections, reigning over the biggest real estate scam in swamp history, citrus eradication, skyrocketing insurance rate increases and deregulating environmental protections to textbook revisionism and the notorious FCAT and school vouchers. Bush spearheaded the systematic conservative assault on a time tested mandate for public education. The Bush aristocratic family is a lesson in failing upwards.

Senior at Sunset

Life goes on for the most part. Public schools continue to nurture and educate our future populace with a wish and a prayer that we will not fall further down on the world list of academic accomplishments. Luckily for now, no one from the Bush family is "serving" the public interest.

Hungry Caterpillar

My kid was in 5th grade when the news of the attack know as 9/11 ushered in the big fat myth that changed the world. Soon after, the principal at her schools was treating our children like little terrorist, with an army of willing junior hall monitors having kids sit in the against the wall with no talking allowed. The punishments were harsh with denial of water for bad behavior. This was just the beginning. I am saddened by the precipitous decline of our national psyche. But all is not gloom. My kid excelled using her own brain and a little help from those who see through the madness of the dumbing down of America. This year, my kid is one of two students from Miami that will be attending the prestigious Cooper Union for college. She will learn more than just art. When the lights dim on the American dream, a thousand points of light are ignited.

Teaching by Example

I'm not sure what Noelle Bush is doing these days, but i wish her well and encourage her to demand entitlement so she is not left behind.


"...After about four hours in custody, Bush was released on $2500 bond for the resisting count (the intox charge was covered by a personal recognizance bond). This is the second time young Jeb--pictured in mug shot at right--has landed on a police blotter. In October 2000, Jeb, then 16, and a girlfriend were discovered naked from the waist down in a Jeep Cherokee parked at a Tallahassee mall. Jebby's siblings,have also had well-publicized run-ins with the fuzz...


“The truth is useless. You have to understand this right now. You can't deposit the truth in a bank. You can't buy groceries with the truth. You can't pay rent with the truth. The truth is a useless commodity that will hang around your neck like an albatross all the way to the homeless shelter. And if you think that the million or so people in this country that are really interested in the truth about their government can support people who would tell them the truth, you got another thing coming. Because the million or so people in this country that are truly interested in the truth don't have any money.” jeb

Facial Recognition

Basically, everything the Bushes touch has turned into Mt. Crapmore.

Teleprompt This

Let us be dissatisfied until from every city hall, justice will roll down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream. Let us be dissatisfied until that day when the lion and the lamb shall lie down together, and every man will sit under his own vine and fig tree and none shall be afraid. Let us be dissatisfied. And men will recognize that out of one blood God made all men to dwell upon the face of the earth. Let us be dissatisfied until that day when nobody will shout "White Power!" — when nobody will shout "Black Power!" — but everybody will talk about God's power and human power. MLK


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