Sunday, April 10, 2011

305 snapshots

With storm season on the horizon, the rain soaked clouds dwarf the clutter of new condos.

Like the majestic Royal Palms now gone, another monumental billboard rises.

Framed by miles of concrete, a glimpse of the Miami River near Downtown and Little Havana

Out west where the highways meet the swamp, a row of concrete pilings stand firm to brace the paving of more better roads.

Who among us has not bumped into those unnecessary curbs that clutter our wheel-chair friendly sidewalks.

True to our tropical root, a menage of signs suggest more than intended.

The morning light glistens for a casual calendar photo pose in the Design District.

Like Versalles without the gardens, a plastic surgery palace adorns a major thoroughfare.

Great grates of the draw-bridges crossing Biscayne Bay.

Noteworthy Swampytecture on the approach to Kennedy Causeway 79 street.

At just 5 minute walk to the beach, another bankrupt property.

With an eye on miami, trendy fronts dress up old building in MiMo.

When graffiti is amateur, the Resultado is less than Excelente.

At first glance they are charming, but this ferrel cat klan of Wynwood prefer in not photograph them.

Feces occurred on Miami Beach when a sewage pipe ruptured from too much road work.

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