Saturday, January 29, 2011

swampy reflections

Lowest Common Denominator

For South Florida drivers, suggestions of radicalization are bumper-sticker commonplace and billboard subliminal. Nationwide, the lone-wolves mis-adventures are likely to occur at increasing frequency and of course make headlines for a mind-numbed populace.

Where the Rudder Meets the Road.

Grappling with a landscape dominated by cars, trucks and asphalt, our culture seems resigned to avoid any reconciliation with mobility or sustainability. Looking around notice we not only built the best roads available but we also have luxury buildings for cars as we assign so such reverence to our automobiles that we are now powering them with bio-fuels made from our dwindling food supplies. Corn that could feed a starving child in Africa.

Music Now Available! Huh?

Meanwhile the cementization of the swamp continues without relent.
Here are a few panoramic photos of our latin-manhattan captured from this drivers seat.

Midtown Mediocracy

In fairness, the middtown theory does include developers undertaking a very green project titled World Gardens. It is a landscaped trial for our very own central park featuring all manner of tropical flower and fauna for strollers and dog-walkers.
But the bulk of the midtown dream is being rendered impervious with concrete and steel.

HipHop Scotch

The elevated train that will connect MIA airport to the metro trains is an engineering marvel of Epcot proportions for this horsetown. Built with mondo-rail technology to dominate the landscape, its elegance is sure to please travelers familiar with our daft taxi drivers. The final leg of this grand plan will be to connect miami beach to the system thereby enabling jet-set tourists levitate to and from without setting a wet or dry foot on the mainland.

Tunnel out of a Mole Hills

Perhaps the mother of all big projects is not the stadium or the museum but the Big Dig, a tunnel to hide all those ugly trucks that must trek consumer goods n stuff in and out of the Port of Miami. It will not seem like much when completed as most the engineering splendor will be buried under Biscayne Bay. In the meanwhile do expect periodic delays for the several years duration of the construction.

Tourist Traps

Friends of Waldo will have a time finding the Childrens Museum or the Parrot Jungle II but they are open for business.

Frigging Digging

Removing tons of muck material along the subterranean charted path will require unsurpassed imported Italian tunnel making technology and tons of cuban concrete to hold back the swamp, all of which make jobs for dump-truckers and pencil pushers.

Downtown Doldrums

Here is a view of the ultra new museum complex site where MAM will move to when construction is completed several years from today. The ground has been broken but the remediations are pending. The wikiword on Basel is 50/50 fight or flight.

Signs of the Times

Why does one eye focus on the blight of the swamp while another is busy capturing the aura of swampiness? Because we are built with stereoscopic vision.


Without lament, artists are taking back the landscape with the outward expressions that celebrate the vitality of our spirit and the resiliency of a creative force that can not be plowed over.


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