Monday, January 17, 2011

Ed the Blogger

I went to the nursing home to visit my friend's father who turns out to be quite the blogger.
Edward Weiland was born in the midwest, met his sweetheart in Coney Island, served in the US Navy as a mine sweepers and had three lovely children.
He also wrote and wrote and continues writing about thing that matter to us all.

Ed recently hurt his knee and is recovering.
Get well soon Mr. Ed and keep on blogging.

Ain’t it great! I’m returning to the Sunshine State, away from the cold and snow I hate in time to celebrate 88.

If it’s not too late and fate is kind I might find a date with a sexy chick of 66 and if we click and make it we may wed and do what’s said can’t be done. But whether we do or whether we don’t, won’t trying be a lot of fun?

At 87, I will continue to blog as long as the future permits, am thankful that I have my son and daughter to comfort and care for me, my writing to challenge me and good health to bless me in my years ahead.

I want to thank bloggers everywhere who give me reason to continue my writings in the years ahead.


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  1. Rest in peace, Ed. Oli, you had the last "normal" conversation with Ed before his dementia really took hold, and you made quite an impression on him. Thank you and Min for your support. Love you,