Monday, January 31, 2011

hollywood conchidential

I doesn't take a genius to recognize the real from the relative. Promenade may not be the best word to describe this gem of an oceanfront scene, so Popeye Beach will do. It is certainly a great destination for those just wanting to stroll along a South Florida beach and feel comfortable among regular folk. If SOBE is for the uber-fashionable, Hollywood Beach is at the other end of the peninsular party pendulum.

Let's view this post in film-strip format starting in Sunny(Shady)Isles driving north on Collins Avenue across the county line onto this classic seaside town on spit of sand bar surrounded by gorgeous sun, sand and water.

Siesta Perfecta

This tourist should be congratulated for being the inadvertent poster-fella for our easy going seaside resort towns and the perfect weather. We should have checked his vitals but he looked really content snoring in public.


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