Wednesday, January 26, 2011

another sputnik moment

Whining The Future

The 2011 SOTU speech last night began at 9:11 pm promptly. Our president GObama had plenty of intriguing words for those listening in this world. To interpret this historic oratory one must keep in mind that it was crafted by an army of speech writers simply pulling buzz-words out of their ashtrays for news junkies drinking games and for all those wolf blitzers on teevee and washington insiders to digest for hours ad-nauseum. Making sense of the circus is more a quick game of bingo on sleeping pills.

"Who would have imagined using airplanes to fly into buildings."

I have a dream... and a rocket.

Ancient history tells us that back in the 1950's while americans were watching Buck Rogers Comics, those crafty communist russians were busy sending space-junk into orbit. The first know creature to exit our atmosphere was a russian dog named Laika.

Rough Road Ahead

Laika didn't lika getting blasted off into space but the bitches and scooby-snacks he was promised were worth the risk.

2011 Freakathon USA

Soon the USA got all ballistic over the race to the stratosphere and our beloved president challenged us to the task of winning the future and inventing the Moon Walk.


First things first. We had to blast our creature into orbit and chose a clever spider monkey. No his name was not Curious George it was Abel. Needless to say it did not end well for Abel or Laika. But we did get allot of really interesting data.

Cutting n Spending

Space programs are not unlike other expenditures that promise untold riches then soon balloon into money pits. When the price tag far exceeds the spending power of the consumer who pays the piper? History is not kind to nations that put all their bombs in one basket.

Back in the USASR

The russians may have invented the first satellite but it does not take a rocket scientist to know that it is the USA that has the market cornered on space cadets. Perhaps Michele Bachman will volunteer to be the first to go on the Uranus Probe.


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  1. I wish he/they (both parties are guilty!) would stop with this "Green Jobs" and the "re-training" Pipe dreams! People need REAL jobs and don't want to be re-trained at 54 years old after losing their job's either to someone in a different country or someone FROM a different country that does not belong here! I have been in the Construction industry for years have changed my specialties many times to adapt but have still lost dozens,possibly over a 100 jobs to illegal aliens (oop's, sorry, undocumented persons that are here illegaly!)