Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Forking the Road

Microwaved Nation

With all the technology we ingest it is no wonder that our culture is festering with internet indigestion. The more we embrace the spoils of the information age the farther we get from the nature that is our very substance. Let us not conflate true sustainable living with the too big to fail, feel-good catch phrase trumpeted by the business as usual.

Office Bldg. of Cards

Finally construction is at an all time low. The few structures getting erected are of the prefabricated "tilt slab" variety that typify loss of jobs and stunning architecture. The arrested development due to the bursting of the credit bubble is a thawing that comes not a minute too soon to this hot forsaken heaven. 'Poop go the weasels' could be the term that defines the current end to the recent swarm of swamp speculators.

Cement or Sanity?

A short drive from the intersection of Surveillance Blvd. and Deforest Ave. is a fork in the road. There you will want to be the decider. Chose between a newly paved world or an organic world of days gone by, or make a u-turn and take the road less traveled. All rivers indeed lead to the ocean, but a tared road ends at the precipice of self-denial. The spiritual is a golden parachute for materialism, our understanding of the physical world.

Nomadic Yes, Yielding No

Young folk all around the world are not waiting for blessing from corporate media to shed taboo inhibitions and embrace the possibility of the vision thing. With the promise of bio-fuels and new horizons, they are taking the back-roads less traveled, the diligent path to sustainability. It is no longer a a question, it is a directive that Thomas has embraced with a full tank of vigor.

Compost for Humanity

Q:How did Corporate eat Organic?
A; One bite at a time.

My grandma died at 103. She, like all cave-people, ate only organic food. But today we all eat corporate food, otherwise know as caloric junk in individual portions with shelf-life. Surely any balanced neighborhood aught to have the ware-with-all and a few individuals willing to develop a community garden linked to a network of new urban farmers that embrace local solutions to our dietary needs. Murial of the Little River CSA is one such shining light of hope.
We all know what to do with bag of mangos but what do i do with 50 lbs of zucchini!

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