Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ode to Summer

There will always be a paradise somewhere, so long as we revere our planet.

Save Surfside

It is always summertime somewhere, so long as our planet remains tilted just right.

Our Big Secret

So why is it that this summer seems drenched in a marinade of unintended consequences that may not come out in the wash.

Because They Could

Last year was the Summer of preposterous speculators, market manipulators and deranged perpetrating traders.

Enter Corexit

No doubt this is the Summer of petrol-coated oceans and fresh water flavored snacks.

Greed is God

This is the Summer soaked in thirst for endless more and the mysterious anomalies of a frenzied pace.

My New Country

This is the Summer of hormonal yearnings and nylon stockings.

The Summer of black santa.


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