Sunday, May 16, 2010

Surfside is 75 !

A Sunny 75th Happy Birthday to the Town of Surfside Florida

American Sub-Tropic

The Tequesta Indians that inhabited South Florida knew how to spot prime real estate.
They just couldn't figure out how to hold on to it... and survive the Spanish conquistadors.

Back in the swampy old days, land sales were brisk. Northerners with bulging pockets and frozen posteriors were an easy mark for developers with their sights on a piece of bounty from the parceling of the treasure that is the tropics.

Heads in the Naivety
Speculators sold more than just the picture of fun and sun in the sandy beaches. They sold a shady place where a leisurely lifestyle could be attained, where days were hot and the nights Caliente.

The Making of Surfside
It did not take long for the growth machine to go boom. The eyes of every traveler, office worker, veteran and entertainer were on the steamy and mysterious allure of Florida's resort town mentality and of course a new year-round season for swimsuits.

Growth On Top of Growth
When it comes to who's not keeping up with the neighbors, we don't even try to compete with Bal Harbor of Sunny Isles. These good folk keep building giant towers as if flabbergast architecture were still legitimate. Well it is, just not at that humongous scale.

Winston Churchill Painted Here
The very private Surf Club basically started the wave of development that lead to the incorporation of the Town exactly 75 years ago. The original club house is still here with its magnificent banquet halls and stately guest list. They were kind enough to help out in the celebration planing by allowing the town to set up tents out back near the beach to stage the party.

Sacred Sands
Currently the residents don't have a place to converge and celebrate. It seems as if some archaeologist had unearthed important ancient indian artifacts as the construction of the new community center is in virtual beach blanked limbo. There are promises floating about that we will definitely have a place to celebrate in time for the town's 100 b'day.

When A Little Growth is Good
Surfsiders are pacified knowing that a new and improved bigger lifeguard stand with a 75 year warranty is under contract and will be operational by winter 2010.

Back to Basics
In the meanwhile, we do have a Big Daddy's and Publix...

Beach Business District
We have all manner of curious shops, restaurants and and financial institutions.

Make some Noice Ya'll
We were lucky to get the Miami Beach Senior High Marching Band to, well, march and play thereby letting every ear know the good news of our seventy five years of incorporation and prosperity.

Double Dutch on Dickens
We got the Jump-Rope team whipping up the crowd...

Miscreants for Surfside
And what parade would be complete without the next crop of beach kids to raise some awareness.

Scooby McTrechcoat
We even got a McGruff the Crime Dawg wearing pants for the special event.

Real People
We have a new smart mayor and and a crabby ol'boy scout-master, though both are serious looking, probably OK to have a beer with.

Surfside Surreal
Occasionally things get a bit surreal around here but normally this quiet seaside town is a great place to live and raise a family. Glad to report the ocean has not changed in 75 years.

Back to Paradise
After a perfect day of swimming in the ocean, gardening, parades and grilling I like to settle into the old chair on the porch for a good read.

Feliz Cumpleano Surfside!


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