Monday, May 31, 2010

If Not Art, What?

Haitian Invasion

Like the early days of Little Havana in the 70's, Little Haiti is a weird place in transition. Old habits slowly erode when assimilation and gentrification take hold of a people. Some of the most inspiring artistic expressions pop up in the most unexpected places.

Old Urbanism

This building of my childhood has remained unchanged, i often wonder what has gone on inside. It is a gem on NE second avenue... a main north/south thruway street that is yet to have a curb or any other sign of tax benefit in terms of progress. That is not a bad thing; where other neighborhoods are plagued with endless roadwork, (sidewalks torn out n replaced w same), Little Haiti has been in a doldrum, free of FDOT... until soon.

Britto Perversions

Several intrepid graduates from New World School of the Arts in downtown Miami recently installed their works for an end of year one night only exhibit of .... well their stuff.

Concept and Craft

Art is many things today, but one thing that it is not is your grandmother's watercolors.
With little prospects of sales, young artist just do whatever they want. Another good thing.

18, 19, twentys, thirtysomethings and foggies

From Sarasota to South Miami artist types are scrambling to find a balance between aspirations and realism. There will always be a creative force that brings like-minded people together; artist, writers, performers, our collective effort is indomitable.

Memorial Day Breakfast Time in the Swamp

Temporary Space Available

A short ride up Miami Avenue there is a commercial district that abound with empty real estate due to the dollar in the dump. This is not the time to talk of markets crashed n greedy developers, it is a time to make good and seize on the opportunities that lay just beneath the surface slurry of a global economic meltdown. Artist and property owners are forming allegiance to ride out the slump.

Like Swiss Cheese

We are punching holes in the veneer of mass culture market driven conspicuous consumption and conventions, we are making do without, artist are good at that.


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