Saturday, May 22, 2010

kill baby kill

Say Hello to my Little Friend

This time of year swampthing goes in the ocean everyday, the water is perfectly clear, calm and warm. I swam into Mr. Manatee who said he is very concerned about the British Petroleum Oil Spill.

BP Bites

Mr. Manatee also said his friend Mr. Shark is also really very worried and understandably pissed off.

Fury from the Fathoms

I wish all the creatures of the deep and shallows of Louisiana, Mississippi, Mexico and soon Florida could come out of the water and bite of the heads of the people who caused this horrendous oil spill, the worst environmental disaster in US history currently getting worse.

Won't You Please Give

Take a look at this adorable creature. It is too late so save her and the underwater world we are destroying for the convenience of living an unsustainable lifestyle spoon-fed to us by elected officials and multinational corporations.

Take a look at yourself and ask, how could this happen? Well, it happened because all of us get behind those with the money... and those with the most are the worst offenders.


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