Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mop n Shrine

Deep Deep Cleaning

The gusher of crude at the bottom of the sea continues to spew toxic black gold from the center of the earth. Man was able to start this disaster but can't seem to stop it. The environmental effects are overwhelming in practice and conceptually. They say we just don't know...

Wait For It...

Can you guess what will fix the man-made mess in the gulf ? That's right Another Man-Made Disaster of grand proportions. To distract the news-heads from headlines like " BP Thinks It Might Have A Fix" or "Congress Hassles Halliburton on Culpability" we need a story big enough to push bad news that matters to the back page. Can you Make one up?

Only Allah Knows

Man is out of his blinking collective skull. What is it that drives us tiny creatures with such grandiose plans to do the things we do? What is it that makes for disasters ? Most likely anwer is our sheer stupidity, the worship of power and greed.

Everyone Will Know My Game

No doubt some elite A-holes are out there in their castle-caves planning the next move in the game of world domination. With minions and henchmen, patsies are made to take the hit in the blame game that always follows the main event. It's the stuff of movies.

Double Trouble is In the House

... Let's just hope, for the sake of the swamp, it does not involve our very own Nukies at Turkey Point.

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