Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bombs AND butter

Fatherland Insecurity

One night not long ago prompted by 40 years of conservative mossbackery and 9/11, Bush Jr created a giant new big gov bureaucracy that few cheer-leading ditto-heads complained about, we the others shrugged with disdain at the gal of a creeping authoritarian strain. Thanks W for the bombastic un-surance.

Motherland Security

Good moooooooorning America! Yesterday, prompted by 40 years of liberal endurance, Obama began a giant new big gov bureaucracy that few cheer-leading ditto-heads complain about. The others will also benefit from health care reform 2010. Social reform is the butter, a healthier populous is the jam.

Doctors Without Brokers

Now is the time to get ready to take care of sick people, professionally. There are jobs to be had in providing health care to millions of Americans who have fallen through the social safety net. What, we didn't have a safety net? Well we do now. Thanks Obama for making jobs.

Generational! bro

Here's to all the wee little people and the ugh old people who will now be better taken care of by the able bodied people. Thanks Obama for saving lives.

Affordable Apothecary

Gee, I feel much better now knowing that if I die, my health will be taken care of.
Thanks President Obama.


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