Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Surfside Erection Day

As mayor of the SurfMunchkinside City...

...In the County of the Land of Oz,
We welcome you most regally, but we've got to verify you legally,
see you see, if you are undeniably and reliably,
a year-round resident registered voter.

Today Only

Voting in Town of Surfside, FL. Two races will be decided; one for mayor the other for the four commission seat that will comprise our roster of elected officials for the next 2 years.

At the center of the discontent is the Community Center debacle that I have written about before. This is the pivotal issue for many single family home residents but for the condo crowd along Collins, not so much.

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Gold-Plated Promises

The shovels of government dig slowly, but the demolition of the old center and the years of delay on the new construction may cost the incumbents dearly.

Re-elected in 08 Mayor Burkett may be in a ditch for 2010 as his suave laissez-faire approach to leadership has been rather Ron Paulish and not what folks are used to 'round here. Surfsiders want a leader that is kinda regular but not really. Burkett is being challenged by resident Cub Scout leader Daniel Dietch, who wants to finish what the priors started, that is to get the community center built. But all the groundwork has been painstakingly laid already.

My daughter used to babysit the Dietch kids. The two boys had lovely long hair that they ultimately donated to Locks of Love. What a nice reflection.

Gang of Four

The other contest is a real horse race. In past elections prospectives would pick a seat and run for it. Now for the first time in town history all candidates run for any seat on the commission. The winners of the four thrones will be decided in order of number of votes garnered.

Best of Luck to Commissioners Steve Levine for his enduring stick-to-it-ness and Mac Imberman for his level-headed demeanor. Mrs. Calderon also gets my vote as we met back in the 04 while poll watching for Kerry. Conspicuous by his absence is commish Howard who has decided to bow out as there is no cash cow here.

The list of new hopefuls is rather lengthy and frankly no one outside the town borders should care much about the results... unless there is some scandal for the political activist watchdogs to digest and disseminate, this election will be a non-event. Richard Iacobacci has a spotty past making him the hyena in the race and retired teacher Marta Olchyk is... who doesn't like old chicks?

Beach Officials Replentishment

When you consider the options in neighborhoods and townships in South Florida, Surfside may not be your first choice, but it is a lovely place to visit... while it's still above sea level.

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The Lawd giveth, and she taketh away.
Congrats to the winners, regrets to the losers, it's a new day in Surfside, all the old guard is out, all the outsiders are in.
County election results here.


1 comment:

  1. Charlie and Howie were frauulent demagogues. Marc a bombastic hot air balloon, Calderon was always clueless, and Levine flip flopped on everything except wanting the gym cause his taxes were so low it would hardly cost him 30 bucks a year.

    The worst commission in Surfsides history!

    The fact that they and shadow commissioner Richard Iiaco got any votes is a testament to how uninformed many people are about the damage these people and their cronies caused surfside over the past six years they have been on the scene.