Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wetfoot, Whitefoot

Little Prez That Could

While vice president Joe Biden visited Little Haiti to assure our neighbors that the feds were determined to helping the earthquake rattled caribbean island and their diaspora here in the swamp, more so after Haiti is off the front pages of the lamestream media...

Bigfoot Cometh

... Presi Obama will be meeting with the Ladies in White Auxiliary across-town in Little Havana. (unless a coal mine collapses...)

Walk in Their Zapatos

While the Ladies in White march in silent protest down the streets of Havana (no photo available)...

Domino Theory

... old cuban men play dominos and gulp cafesitos while complaining about the old crab's sibling back home as their wives march down calle ocho in silence.

Who is More Macho

Blasted old men, they sit in the way of progress, they make this old man weary.
Ladies deserve better, just ask the Bidenator.

Sink and Swim

Perhaps the Ladies in White will be another tipping point in the balance for fairness, a less violent world...

... perhaps the swamp will bloom with the spectral colors of HOLI...

that would be "bLiNkin BiG"


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