Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why Not Fight


...have asked for a gawk at my first shiner.


Here it is in all it's meat-tenderized gory glory.
The result of an enforcement altercation turned ugly at my daughter's annual teen dance party.

While convalescing I wondered about the nature fighting.


You got your iconic battle between good and evil in all it's transparent manifest polarize kind of fighting.


You got your boy wrestling, boy playing killer vids and growing up in a winner-take-all culture of violence.

Art of War

You got your basic man-on-man pummel brawling that goes back to the stone age fighting.

A Tribe Called Tribe

You got your spectator sport gladiator chest thumping super tribal ritual fighting.

What doesn't Kill You.

You got your dawg poverty-is-the-mother-of-the-boxer-hero fighting.

Naughty By Nature

Hell, you even got girls fighting.

The blood-sport of fighting permeates our mass culture.
It is a sure sign of a civilization in decline.


So the attack on me was not surprising. The assailant kept calling me a '40 year old bitch' as I bounced him out the door. So I ( actually a 50 year old whore) should have seen the sucker-punch coming but what i saw was stars. Soon after cooler heads prevailed as the punk and his chums were 86'd from the party that was then a huge happy crush groove. I got tons of sympathy for at least a week after, while punchy the kid was practically ostracized from the teen party scene.

Curious how girls dig a guy with a black eye but somehow they look really bad on girls.

Sewer Mouth Spoiler

Here is one of several incriminating photos from facebook of the thug-kid that gave me a black eye. That's a bottle Jack in hand and his bar mizvah portrait backdrop. I would sue the chump but Joshua Wise Rauner is already morally bankrupt.

you should see the other guy

Here is the vulgar Josh wearing his new screw-on neck brace.

We live to fight another day.