Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tea with Rubio

Coffee, Tea or Kool Aid?

No doubt since Obama moved in to the White House, the American Insurgent Party is in decaffeinated hissyfit mode.
Be on the look-out for angry white people with zero gray matter and lot's of chatter.

They want our president to fail while flying colored.

Rudi, Did You Love Me?

The Cuban-Americans have hated Castro for 50 years, fair enough. But why get in bed with devious Bush Family Evil Empire just because it mirrored their sentiments. Jeb did nothing to change the impasse. It's become painfully clear that conservative cube-ams are all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Who's Their Papi?

The driver of this car is obviously handicapped.

Deal with the Jevil

Marco Rubio is ushered into the halls of maniacal men.
What's up with the "red-meat-state roses"?

No Palin, No Pain.

Where have I seen that mug?
That foggie in Little Havana peddling propaganda tee's looks so familiar.

Little Havana Nostalgia.

Is it not polite to frown when a clown is in town?

Baboon with Baton

MasterBlunder Jeb anoints his cuban-mini-me with the golden republican magic shish-ka-bob wand that is known to sever taxes for the very wealthy corporations that give them lots of blood money. Obey.

Half a Nice Day

No words are necessary here... just never forget Cheney/Bush legacy of 911.

Rock-em, Sock-em Reps

The Rubionator with contender Dan Gelber.


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  1. Swampsters want to see the BLACK EYE !