Thursday, December 17, 2009

SoFla Swamped!

Where's the Dirt?

Some of us are well aware that although we are 90% water, anyone can drown in a bucket of water. In the sci-fi movie Waterworld, there is little land to be found, so our leading man has morphed into an amphibious creature reminiscent of a bygone evolutionary stage when we were all part fish part ape.

What We Got

South Florida had a watershed moment yesterday with the arrival of a much needed rain storm. The H2O was in abundance as metropolitanites waddled to a standstill in traffic jams that were nothing less than perfectly swampy.

Towels for Clunkers

Miami is practically at sea level so when a big deluge is delivered all water-hell breaks loose. Any swamp-minded motorist can attest to the torrent of confusion that come with the unexpected cats n dogs. Who wants to get wet when fully dressed for the holidays.

Dry as a Desert in the Swamp

Water is a necessary thing. We are naturally drawn to it and the creatures that inhabit the great underneath beyond our dehumidified comfort. We are so thrilled by the spectacle of marine life that seems so foreign to us yet eerily familiar as the primordial soup of our very origins.

Vacate of Annihilate

Here are a few convincing reasons why fish-man decided he might be better off on dry land.

Better than the Real Thing

So even though we here in SoFla and can just go to the beach, most folk prefer the convenience and security that only man-made water can deliver.

Down the Drain

Break out the sump pumps, when it rains it puddles... and much of Miami's hectic hustle and bustle is severely dampened to a grinding standstill. We really can't cope with anything but sunshine... and that's blasted sun is a challenge also.

Water is for Quitters

My dear mother-in-law has always maintained that water is bad for you and not really necessary for a health lifestyle. She never touches the stuff. At 82 years old on high-heals and drives pink convertible, a stiff brandy is all she thirsts for.

The Not So Distant Future

What do you think?
Some science based folk will tell you that all this will be under water in 50 years. That's not a very long time. Just the same, relax, stay dry, or wet of you prefer, enjoy the swampyness that is water from the sky.


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