Thursday, December 31, 2009

from point Ay to point Zee

In the Blink of an Eye

If you've ever had to wait for a bus in Miami, sitting patiently for 30 minutes watching the luxury car traffic whiz by with drivers texting or applying make-up, then this photo will make you think twice about sitting on the bench. This gory scene was quickly cleaned up overnight.

Nostalgia Time Machine

If you've ever had the urge to travel to a far away place (or time), then this post is for you.

Shinny Things

If you ever had the urge to go places fast,
remember to wear clean undies just in case something goes terribly wrong.

Never Too Early

If you've ever been a parent, remember how rewarding it was to read to your kids. Those little sponges with impressionable eyes that gleamed with the light of optimism and naivety seem to grow up overnight into a world filled with disillusions, inhibitions and just plain nastiness.

Go Cars Go

If you've ever dreamed of shiny things that go fast, if you've ever had to wait for a bus or a three hour security line at the airport, then you will definitely want to get your own car... sit in traffic.

If You Ever

If you've ever been intimidated or detained by someone with a shiny badge, then you know the humiliation that comes with compliance. Relax, it's for your own safety.


If you've ever had an X-Ray, MRI, CatScan or looked up to find a surveillance camera staring back at you, then you have seen what is hidden in plain sight. It is the goings on of the visual animals we have always been, you are witness to the optic nerve of the information revolution.

Greeting from Tortureville

If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a stick, brace yourself for two or three lumps of the sour age-old human affliction called moral bankruptcy.

Brush Twice

If you are the least bit interested in going somewhere fast then no amount of fluoride will help diminish the likelihood that you will get thoroughly searched before getting on an airplane.

Dust Gets in Your Eyes... and everywhere else.

If you've ever had something stick in your head like white-on-rice, then the memory of September 11, 2001 may be one of those things.


If you've ever had to ride a bike, rent a car, take a train or fly on a plane then congratulations! You are another proud member of the cult of mobility.

Getting from Point A to Point B has never been easy, but we're gonna go anyways.



  1. Greetings to one and all: In that most precious name. That name which is above every name, the name: "Jesus"

    There's tremendous power in that name. I'd suppose we'll never fully realize all that can truly be accomplished, by us simply calling out that name in true faith.

    There's an old, old, gospel song that goes like this: Faith in the Father, faith in the Son, faith in the Holy Spirit, great victories are won. Demons will tremble and sinners will awake, faith in Jehovah will anything shake.

    For you who have never come into this realization, if you're reading this, just give him a welcome into your heart and life. You will both feel and see an awesome difference. You will have also purchased the ticket to heaven (by accepting, therefore making him welcome to come into your life. You will also sup from His cup that contains living water. (As did the woman at the well of Bethesda.) John 4:10

    Much love,

    Your brother in Christ Jesus, who is both our Lord, and Savior.