Thursday, December 3, 2009

Basel Fossil Report 2

Welcome to Treasure Island

Arguably ArtBasel and Design Miami Fairs have together grown bigger than the mega Boat Show, but they have also condensed the shopping season into a one week Bizarre Bazaar.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

It is with reserved sobriety that euro-visitors and natives endure the frenzied pace of visual indulgence here at this year's Basel Miami Art Week. With all their senses, the interested parties are partaking in an orchestrated dance of a poetic exercise scripted by the Old Artistocracy for the New Bohemia.


In a town that has it's share of ghostly unfinished business in a seeming construction limbo...
the local official deciders still manage to impose the "One Britto Each Week" public art policy for the world to identify with miami, our place in the swamp.

Planet Planners

Fortunately, everything is done twice... first on paper then for real.
The old canons of world-class creativity remain the wellspring for ripe aficionados and a starstruck generation of MFA's that together comprise the new Artzigarchy.


For a better tomorrow, the Miami horizon is looking most picturesque with the much deliberated plan for a new mausoleum for art scheduled to open when the contract expires on Basel and the glitzy affair moves on to another unsuspecting American city.

Expert Artvice

Who doesn't like nice things?
Miami is a place that convincingly markets luxury with habitual results.
But don't take my word for it, just ask the experts.

Bygone Hay-Days of High-Brow

Bold face types Uncle Andy, Basquait, Bruno "Blue Chips" Bichofberger
and Francesco Clemente, whose giant watercolors are at the old moca in wynwood.

No Shortage of Talent

It has become abundantly clear that there is a glut of creativity and individuals more than willing to act on ideas for the sake of experiencing art first-hand and presenting the works for whoever will wander by the hundreds of booths at any one of the many satellite fairs in town this week.

The Passion of the Deal

Better wear your walking shoes.
Some folk never stop searching for beauty. Beauty is many things. It is also best left attainable because to have it would mean the end of the game of courtship, maybe even the abandonment of fulfillment.

The Elephant in the Park

A Gumbo Limbo Tree grows and grows while art is bought and sold.
Though it can not run away, the tree is unaffected by the seriousness of the art markets.

Hermitage by the Vernissage

Cristina Lei joins Lobo's encampment at the Bass Museum.

Imported Talent

With deft street smarts, Santiago bombs Locust Projects.


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