Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Uglitecture Digested

Romance with Erosion

Just because a building is old doesn't mean it is ready for the wrecking ball.
On the contrary, if a building is beautiful, no amount of erosion can take away its relevance.

Here in the swamp there are many, many buildings that look so damn dull, neglected and down right slummy its not funny. We may have a stringent Building Code but it obviously says nothing about style culture and the necessity for decency in design of our urban terrarium.

Building and Blunder

Winner of the ugliest building ever, till we drive down to the next neighborhood.

Barn For All Seasons

This thing has got three siding treatments showing its unseemly renovation history. It is actually rather interesting in an old florida whatever way.

Colored For Business

A little paint can go a long way in making the miami architecture less blase, but it's no cure for the lack of design elegance.

Gone Postal

This relic is a gem owned by the US Postal Service, it has been closed for years and deteriorating by the day.

On the Intersection of Miami and Ugly

A corner building that does nothing for the community, except contribute to it's aesthetic bankruptcy.

Begging for a Mural

When do perfectly good buildings go south? When they are owed by people who take pride in not knowing anything about art and design.

Church of Deco Modern

Here is another gem, currently a Haitian church in need of a giant faith based mural of Jesus riding a donkey or scenes of the apocalypse.

Home Cheapo

Obviously this was once a Big Daddy liquor store but no more. Who owns these ugly buildings?

Ugly is the New Ugly.

Even with build new construction there is a sense that no one is driving the design train.
Here is a brand new wreck of a space, people unfriendly but U. G. L. Y.


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  1. I'm surprised you didn't take any pics of the projects across the street from the church..Those are some wickedly uply buildings..And on top of that, people have to live in them..