Friday, September 4, 2009

False Flag Oracle

When Dick Cheney cleaned out his desk, he took his secrets with.
He refused to testify under oath when asked about 911.

Can you spot the lady at the edge of this precipice? She had no time to clean out her desk.
Neither did 100,000+ Iraqi civilians victims of Bush's illegal war.

Some big questions that are haunting many folk are:

Who Really Did It?
Why did Building 7 Collapse?
Was Flight 93 Shot Down?

Ask man what happened on September 11, 2001.
You will get every-which-kind-a-round-about answer imaginable.

Man has a knack for misinforming and complicating the Truth.

So I went to where I go to get answers to the really big questions.

The Ocean.
But she did not answer.

So then I asked these two very nice ladies... who are the culprits of 911?

One is ok with the official story about 19 rag-tag Arab patsies,
The other is suspicious that it may have been a
False-Flag Inside Job by self-serving co-conspirators. Both have moved on with things.

That's a 50/50 ratio between what good people believe happened on that fateful morning.


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