Friday, April 17, 2009

Fines Doubled

Perpetual Progress Principal: the end is near, but never here.

If you like the way our highways are in a constant state of construction, making the motoring public today pay today for a future dream auto-utopia that will never come, then congrats, the Port "Trucks Only" Tunnel Project Dwntwn appears to be moving forward and downward. But if FDOT takes forever to finish what they seem to want to do, how long will it take them to do a project that they don't want to do?

in the Harold today, my emphasis is boldface:

Miami's port tunnel project back on track The Associated Press MIAMI, Fla. -- Plans for a tunnel that will provide cargo trucks easier access from the Port of Miami to Interstate 95 and other highways have been revived. On Thursday the Florida Department of Transportation agreed with demands made by Miami-Dade County officials and vowed to move ahead with the original construction deal. The decision is a reversal from earlier this month, when top DOT officials told county leaders that the best way to handle the deal would be to reopen the project to construction companies worldwide - which supporters said would delay completion.

That's code for "we don't want to build your tunnel.

We need a tunnel like we need a hole in the sand... for our heads.

Unrelated, but in the same google news today:

Blue Gold in the Wetlands: How the county treats banks that treat their neighbors like dirt.

Water is back on for Miami condo The Associated Press

MIAMI, Fla. -- Water is flowing again at the 310-unit Miarassou Condos in Miami-Dade County.

County officials shut off water to the residents earlier in the week because the condo's association bounced a check and failed to pay a $109,000 past due bill.

Condo residents say the problem stems from a large number of foreclosures - roughly a third of the units are bank-owned or in foreclosure.

After the county turned off the water, residents allegedly tampered with the meter to keep it running illegally. On Thursday evening, the county and the association agreed on a payment plan, and the water was turned on again.

Who is driving this county that is ignant?


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