Thursday, April 9, 2009

Erosion Deconstructed

Doodle on a Napkin.

Most things man-made are usually done twice, once on paper then again in actuality.
Working with Daniel Arsham has been an exercise in deconstruction. We begin with the end in mind, a concept, then proceed with conviction taking mental steps back to find the path of least resistance. The opportunity to produce artwork for permanent installation at Aventura Mall was exciting. For some time now the folks who manage Aventura embarked on an ambitious plan to infuse the halls of consumerism with fine art. In a effort to enhance the shopping experience for those who would otherwise not take an interest in or have the opportunity to experience first-hand the objects of contemporary art of today, the Mall has become the artist's patron.

Romance with Erosion.

Sculptural art production is rarely simple or easy. It takes allot of doing to achieve a desired result, particularly with the visionary work of young Daniel, one of Miami's own wunderkind.
There is nothing simple about simplicity. When you are good, it looks easy.

Because work can be overwhelming "Minimum Effort and Maximum Effect" is my guiding principal. It was taught by dear mentor Dan Friedman, the father of Radical Modernism.

Burning the Mid-night Cranes.

All the installation work had to be done after the mall was closed. Everything had to look all nicy-nice for the next day of shopping.

The Look is oh-so Snarkitecture.

For more on the recent work of Arsham visit Artlurker.


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  1. This young artist is remarkably talented and I look forward to watching his progress over the coming years.