Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rise n Shine n Beans

Graffiti is a very effective communication tool for artist wanting to connect with regular people, but authority does not take it too kindly. In contrast Art in Public Places is loved by all (officials with 'hands-in-the-cookie-jar') . Public art is another good way to connect with mass culture (those who take pride in being art-illiterate) those who are put off by the snobby art elite and bohemian freaks.

Here are two amazing sculptures that speak for themselves.... whatever the cost/benefits are to the city. First, the Chicago "BEAN" by Anish Kapur is an a-m-a-z-i-n-g dont-miss if you are in that windy place. Another is this "orangeman" by Xavier Veilhan in Lyon, France, again amazing. Both are not without controversy in terms of public funding and or style but there is no substitute for world-class art.

I'm glad to prop 305, but the point is where has all that 1% construction dollars for public art in miami gone? Far as i can tell, mostly to MIA (where no locals hang) and Brittos (few respect). Miami Art in Public places is in shambles last i read, and new MAM park is following the pre-construction model of the Carnaval Center in it's seemingly endless need for more public dollars... for what..... the promise of a shinny tomorrow. Publicly funded cultural institutions should be open to the public with no admission fee. They may not get much more traffic, but at least they would appear respectful to the community that feeds them.

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  1. You definitely don't know what you are talking about in regard to public art in Miami-Dade County. First of all, new County projects allocate 1.5% of their budgets for artworks. There is a large portion of the collection at MIA because the airport has huge, billion dollar projects that produce huge, million dollar artworks.

    There are several new works at the Arsht Center, the Seaport, at Miami-Dade libraries and the Metro Zoo to name a few.

    Additionally, Miami-Dade Art in Public Places has commissioned no Britto. As far as I know, he gives them all to the City of Miami, not the County. He will never pass the application process.