Sunday, April 6, 2008

anonymouse looser wins, kinda

The Sun Post has the low-down-kill-joy on a mural by Serge Toussaint in Little Haiti.
As if things arn't F'ed-up enough already, it appears that the spoiler is good ol' FDOT fuddi-duddies (same chumps that are about to make i95 traffic slug like mollasses to install 'lexus lanes' for the haves n havemores):

".... an anonymous caller who said, “if the Obama painting was to remain, then he should be allowed to paint a picture of his candidate.”

If anonymous is an obamapublican, you know who you are, go ahead and paint, i would love to see Serge do a portrait of SaintJohnMcSame/Reagen, it may not be flattering .
Anonymity my arsh, any number of jerks can be anonymous but is there really any such privacy today. It takes real pride to sign your work as artist like Serge will find ever clever ways to deal with the systematic-bullpucky from officials and still come out a-head.

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