Sunday, April 13, 2008

Out of Dining

If you dine out at restaurants you know it can get pricy. If you eat food then you probably know that the cost is going up-up-up. Never mind the wholefoods and epicure, we are talking rice n beans. Reporting appetizers abound on the condition of our nutrition and the global appetite.

Haiti is a one place to start.
Suffice to say hunger for some is a game, but for others it is the life.

Here is another perculiar take from the montreal gas-ette. Why they choose a photo if these two 'champs' smiling to illustrate such a dire report is disheartening.

"...They called on the IMF and World Bank to stand ready with emergency funding to help the poorer nations of the world in case financial market woes spread to their economies and the food crisis worsened. U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson warned of "more bumps in the road." "It took time to build up recent excesses and it will take time to work through the consequences," he told the IMF's policy-setting International Monetary and Financial Committee. A year ago, finance ministers and central bank chiefs were basking in five years of strong world growth, unaware that a U.S. housing boom was about to go bust, triggering what may be the biggest financial shock since the Great Depression."

It has become abundantly clear there is a looming crisis of diminishing global food yealds and many mouths to feed. Bucky Fuller talked of all this
in "Grunch of Giants": "There exists a realizable, evolutionary alternative to our being either atom-bombed into extinction or crowding ourselves off the planet. The alternative is the computer-persuadable veering of big business from its weaponry fixation to accommodation of all humanity at an aerospace level of technology, with the vastly larger, far more enduringly profitable for all, entirely new World Livingry Service Industry. It is statistically evident that the more advanced the living standard, the lower the birth rate."

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