Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Arshamized and Folded

People might think that most young artist types are not morning people, they stay up late to get all creative. It's probably so but Daniel Arsham gets up early and goes to work as professionally as a banker. When we work together, he is my motivational guru and ball buster. Too heads are better than one when pulling ideas out of the ether of serious art.

Drapes and Folds are classic treatment of shape in space where light is captured in an instance.

When things come together it's Mission Accomplished...
this old chair has been Arshamized for your comfort n amusement.

Dance is universoul expression of the body . Old Movie Houses are temples to film and popcorn. Their marquees are the hook that brings you in. For the stage set we made for the Merce Cunningham company performance at the Carnaval (arsht) Center, Arsham sliced n diced architecture into forced prespectives for the dancers.

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