Wednesday, September 5, 2012

DNC dreaming

Soon it will be once again time to choose.  Choose to go forward not back or choose to go nowhere fast.   Good that people like what they are used to.  It's the incumbents advantage.  Safe to say Miami is tacitly Obama country.

It is not surprising that both RNC and DNC presidential conventions are staged just before the eleventh anniversary of September eleven.  Who would have imagined airplanes flying into buildings?  Certainly not Condi Rice and friends.

Forward means never having to say WTF?

Moving forward means leading the free world away from the current republican corporate zealotry.

Forward is not fast-forward. Forward is deliberate and clear incremental adjustment to the balance of power.

Forward is not sideways or retrograde. Forward is not exceptional pre-emptive war for profit.

Elizabeth Warren moves forward for the middle class.
"Democracy can be an honorable enterprise"

Marquito Rubio the anointed was won over by Paul Ryan. Good that neither will move forward to fast. 

Romney as the Gilgamesh of the GOP.
Mittboss wants us to move forward in the direction of reverse. He really wants the job.

Moving around and around, Michelle the hoola-hooping first lady.

My president and yours. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow.

Roll out the tax dollars moving forward.

Obama's presidential pod should keep him safe for a second term...


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