Monday, September 17, 2012

Avocado Rules

Considering the inclement times it is a comfort to know the avocados are doing just fine.

The great south Florida avocado may be second best to the Hawaiian Hass but at the end of the season the comparison is apples and apples.  Our sub-tropic variety is abundant, affluent and plenty oily.  

Late season avocado fruit is another perk that accompany the swag of being here during heat season. 
Each and very cubic yard of swamp that is paved is one less bounty of guacamole.

I will not waste your time elucidating on the merit of el grande aguacate.
Suffice to say it is PH neutral.

The color of avocado was once in vogue and may again be back in style according to Dania Beach.
The fruit is eternal.

Ahhhhhhhvocado. Our strength comes from waiting. 

Not so swampy vinyl but halfway to avocado at FtLaud Airport.

the fruit

the dredged barge south of port everglades

A is for abundance

Golden Beach goes up with swampy

Macro-Micro avocado is all bueno

the A B C 's of Avocado is eat local shop global.

But please No avocado pie...


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