Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurricane RNC

What do Hurricane Isaac and Republican National Convention in Tampa have in common?
They are both amusing, annoying and costly disruptions.

The biblical Isaac was born only son of legends Abraham and Sarah. Though his parents were beyond childbearing years Mr. Patriarch lived 180 years.  People lasted longer than needed back then.  Likewise the Republican Party was born of Abraham and Sarah... Lincoln and Palin that is.

Welcome to Trampa
The Mayor prepares for glitz and gore USAstyle.

Governor Rick Scott tells us everyone loves to visit Florida.  What he does not tell us is all Floridian do not welcome every visitor.

Isaac is swampy, republicans for the most part are not.

GOP 2012
Before and Before
From the Marshall Mcluhan school of managed perception, video projection screens get enumerated.

 Rock Mining in our backyard,  sandbag are prepared in anticipation of the inevitable swamping.

Sandy, Cristal and Kembra prep for RNC

Officer Nosey attends to his appointed chores.

Huey, Dewey and Louis before the storm.

Smile, Ibor City loves you.

Homemade signs are mass produced at an undisclosed empty place.
Let's just say republicans were not in the warehouse when Gawd handed out the fabulous gene.

If the RNC 2008 in St. Paul MN was an indication, we can expect plenty of riotous over-reaction from the Tampa militarized enforcers.  It may not be raining rubber bullets yet but there already are elephants falling from the sky.

Republicans historically were keen on the exceptional thing. Who does not like to feel special.  But more recently they try to plant seeds of their dreams everywhere.  When their ideals and democracy are propagandized here and around the world, people get hurt.  Repubs have somehow seeded a level of disdain only matched by serious concern when a bunch white guys get to party.

Homegrown Romneyheads

photo courtesy of post office bulletin board
Ten to one, i wager most pictured above lean to the right.

Not all Kazynskis are crazy.  

Not all demonstrations, free-speech zones and lawful assemblies are created equal.
Likewise, not all storms pack a punch.

 Is this the face of truth or an agent provocateur.

The face of Peter King, Republican Kazy.

Like Hurricane Isaac, the RepublicanNationalConvention will be a washout by Wednesday. 
But the weather will not go away any sooner than partisan politics or special interests will give way to  respectable governance or direct democracy.

Soon South Floridians will get back to the business of building sandcastles and cigars. Tampa will be reset back to normal, whatever that is.


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  1. I really liked most of your blog. It was disappointing though to come across all the political bs.