Sunday, July 1, 2012

what in TarNation

What in tarnation is up lately with the maniacal use of crude.  Why are jobs so linked to this filthy poisonous fuel source.  Are we so stupid not to see our addiction to oil as the eventual tarring and feathering of this nation.

It seems that everywhere you turn there is a bright orange work crew tearing up perfectly good sidewalks and curbs and streets.  I guess we are just another one of those "developing nations".

We all know these are tough economic times and so having any job is better than being unemployed.  The gov'ment knows there must be jobs otherwise folk get all revolting in the streets.  So for a swelling underclass of unskilled laborers, breaking rock is welcomed work when available. For shady contractors, endless road work is a golden goose.

But who exactly are the genius planners that decided to destroy American infrastructure only to rebuild it one dump truck at a time.  It is the non-partisan experts in DC who craft those economic stimulus packages.  And it s also those paid-for legislators in the state capitol handing out contracts to their clients.  And it is the lowly ditch digger just doing his job.

It is possible that all this tearing up and shit is simply a very unimaginative ruse by politicians in a last ditch effort to stall the global economic meltdown looming in their own rearview mirrors.

Is it just me or are others getting a little bit fed up with endless road work.



  1. whats worse is most of these road construction projects are not even employing people from the area. total bullshit.