Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of YoU LiE

On this Fourth of July we are once again reminded of our independence from the king and of bombs bursting in mid air...

I am reminded of 9/11 as the key to much of what is wrong today.

It is wrong that Dick Cheney is still smiling.

It is wrong that Liberal is a four letter word.

It is wrong that soldiers play with real munitions as if playing some kind of virtual game.

It is wrong to look Forward without looking Back.

It is kinda wrong to have drones the size of daffodils looking down on us.

Fascism is corporate wrongness.

Jesus the gun lover is wrong.

This is so wrong,  it's right.

Not much remains of bin Laden's Wrong Place to hang out. 

Wrong to think drone technology will go away.

Showing all the right connections was a Wrong for Mark Lombardy and Gary Webb.

Now everybody knows the Right was Wrong

Wrongspeak is Rightspeak

War from the comfort of your fortified bunker is wrongish.

Very right head gear for a Fourth of July

All war is Wrong

 right summer reading list

Wrong to think our independence is a done deal.


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