Sunday, July 15, 2012

I heart (attack) NY

Apartment hunting in NYC is a harrowing misadventure.  Thanks in no small part to the collapse of the world economy at the hands of criminal banksters,   realestating in the rotten apple is not the least bit swampy.

With the exploitation of higher education and corporate mindset of universities, schools such as Columbia U are the key players that define neighborhoods.   In the vicinity of NYU the demand for student housing is so great that landlords are charging 36,000. dollars a year for what can only be describes as a 400 square foot shit-hole.

 On the plus side,  neighborhood that were festering with muggers, rapists and crack heads are now over-populated with white chicks shedding their middle class inhibitions, studying, partying and riding bicycles on freshly painted paths.

 Just don't park your bike on the street for too long.

There is no poetry in the greed fueled grab by slumlords such as Jakobson and others who dominate the market.

 But there is an eternal poetry of life in the city.  On uber busy Broadway, a work crew enjoys a quick game of poker under the shade of a truck.

 Else where, two enterprising fellas find employment in what they do best, street art for corporate branding. Oh the irony.  

Near Orchard street, decrepit emigrant businesses give way to fabulous art galleries.

On Houston street, a decade of road construction is offset by wild indigenous murals.

 In Washington Square Park, you can no longer by nickel bags of weed but you can take a public siesta without getting pick-picketed.

 The art of desperation is evident in this charming scene of recyclable sustainability.

 Curious sign in Chinatown.

In a post 911 NY there is ample employment opportunity, but not for the faint-hearted.

 Strong-hold on third avenue, the hell's angels enjoy a brick and mortar respectability.

I sorely need a beer from the incomparable McSorley's.

 This young lady may have read up on FEMEN on her way to a date with an amused NYPD.

 Naturally New York is THE place for get your fill of "contemporary art" at The Hole.

Enough for now. Suffise to say my beloved big apple is an EyeOpener.
Can't wait to get back to the Big Orange...


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