Sunday, August 7, 2011

Third Wheel Nation

A short walk to the ocean, another property is boarded shut. Urban developments in Miami are a case study in global trends.

Waste Management, Infrastructure improvements somewhere near you. As the city celebrates 115 years of incorporation, reminders of the perils of progress caution us that when we take one step forward, it is likely to follow with two steps back.

Taking one step back and perhaps two forward. Hot Dog Cart vendor on N.W. 71 Street.

Get your trousers tailored, pay the Boost phone and have a cold beer. Corporate tele communications snuggles up with ma n pa storefronts in the hood.

Rims and things. An auto garage offers window tinting, car-bling and an eye-candy attempt at graffiti.

Bus the rhymes. This solitary shelter could do with some piano tunes from Victor's to soothe riders waiting and waiting for the next bus.

Like the arrows of Saint Sebastian, traffic lights pierce the open sky in North Miami.

Snarling thanks FDOT. California is not the only place for Carmageddon. Glad my routine is counter cyclical.

Don't look now... another red-light scamera on a road near you!

Life in South Florida can be more awkward than the third wheel on a bad date. Sometimes it is being most familiar with the critters yet never quite at home or made welcome enough to feel comfortably included. Anyone out there feeling the swampiness?


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