Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene, a perfect storm

Having skirted widespread destruction, South Florida's attention is on the residents of the mid-atlantic coast struggling in tropical anticipation under the howling alarm of hurricane Irene. Those in her wake breathe a sigh of relief while those upwind in NYC hunker down in dreaded fantasy for the coming act of gawd.

The only thing more obscene than the media's ensuing orgy of alarm and enhanced weather reporting is mogul major bloomberg's extreme realtime public service sector dress rehearsal compliments of the perfect storm for this pre-september eleven circus of solemnity. This is a great day to roll out the orchestrated symphony of first-responders and costly contingencies essential for the lockdown of an entire city, it's inhabitants and vital functions.

On each return to the place I knew so well, only to find near pandemonium over a presumed threat past present and future, is a disheartening sensation that frankly I will never get used to.

From Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, past Harlem down to Coney Island, city dwellers of all stripes and persuasion are told with menacing authority to prepare for the worst once again. One bit of good news is that Wall Street is a ghost town.

So, as with the entire east coast from Key West to Canada, the malls and stores are overrun with shoppers preparing for the worst that seldom comes, and the best that for sure will never be.

There are no disasters in acts of god. How could there be the laws of physics are just and true. Natural events are only a disaster to man, particularly as we stand in their path as amatures ill informed and unprepared. There is no natural occurrence that can do more harm to us than we do to ourselves everyday as the mad and upside down world of man unravels.

An urban nuclear family gather provisions for the weekend with Irene.

Bark and Bite. In all honesty, Irene the menace from above is being spun in camouflaged media stealth to further a state of perpetual emergency readiness in the minds a public service sector eager to exercise their over rehearsed response to any terror from wherever. It's sad.


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