Thursday, August 18, 2011

from the swamp and beyond

One of the hazards of modern living is a tendency to obsess with the trivial and ignore substantive issues worldwide. Folk are distracted by celebrity, smart phones, sports and art. I for one am fixated on endless road work in South Florida. This cone-headed logic serves to shrink our world into a innocuous air-conditioned bubble drifting in the wind. Sifting out the insignificant from the material facts that affect us is a personal challenge in the age of distraction.

Why stare at the teevee or the asphalt when there are major issues looming in plain sight? Because is it easier to stick our heads in the cement than it is to influence global concerns that affect us directly.

Ground Force One gets feather-dusted by secret service. Obama sits in the back of the bus for a presidential ride through the heartland.

UFO or DARPA? Up where the air is thin there are plenty mechanical oddities that defy the eye. The stratosphere also is a vast clutter of satellites and space junk beaming and drifting slowly back to earth. From supersonic air-busses to un-maned predator drones, the sky may not be falling, but there is certainly a change in our collective psychic weather.

God does not create disasters, people do. A stalwart family near Japan's Fukishima nuclear meltdown knows there is unity in homogeneity.

Proud to be stupid. A skinhead wears his cluelessness on its back.

Chilling in Chile. Thousand take to the street in peaceful demonstration.

Royal pain in derriere. The ruling class of aristocrats runs the gamut from true blue blood to nouvelle riche. Where on the totem of privilage do you find yourself ?

A bit of push-back. Exasperated Londoners clash with riot police.

Smile, your on surveillance society. A chap gets his mug and neck snapped in jolly Britain.

Bird of Piccadilly. A lady Diana lookalike in a smashing robo-cop ensemble !

Israel Firsters. Regular folk are taking their grievance with authority to the street, even in Jerusalem.

Bart Cops, Holy San Fransisco. Even here in the USA, people are fed up with the bullshit of overt militarization of civilian police.

Wikileaked. You don't have to be a fanatical theorist or near futurist to see where things are going. People who otherwise would rather ignore the facts, are ticked off and with good reason. The pandora's box of world financial usury is unraveling. No wonder Jesus got so pissed off at the money lenders in his dad's temple.

World whatever. This swamp family is boarding up the windows and officially on summer vacation.

Will Florida be here on our return in two weeks? Probably yeah.


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