Monday, May 2, 2011

Royal Blitz

Ding Dong, the Warlock's Gone.

With surgical precision, the might of America that was on the operating table has been resuscitated and it is a relief to say that the operation was a success, but the patient lied.

Moby Dark

Like the carcass of a mighty white whale consumed by nature and exposed by the receding tides; the pillars and trusses of the twin towers rise only in memory as the approaching tides of myth submerge it.

Flag Day Everyday

What better eulogy than to reflect on the beginnings of the business of conflict for all ages. We live in chess game playing to a culture of endless war for neither power or submission but always somewhere in between.

Truncated Triumph

War mongers, hawks and apologists are also jubilant and swollen with the hormones of accomplishment. It is not just republican elephants who are quick to stomp onto the game-board of war for profit. The donkey is also a stubborn player, a crabby carrier of water with a grin to make you just play along in hope of somehow setting a course onto a path to peace.

End Games

Perhaps the still warm shocking images from India TeeVee (that may a well have been cut and pasted from the movie Dawn of the Dead) would be spectacular, but this photo of pre-teens at play is more demonstrative by way of sheer shock value. As the pope get beautified at the vatican, we pray for bigger miracles needed.

War Ends Only for the Dead

Fathers, mothers, sister and brothers are the names engraved on slabs of granite that are symbols of the human toll that conflicts deliver. The message that one would hope to invoke on would be adversaries is that no sacrifice is too great to bring about a desirous result, a world with no war.

Good Times

So for the coming days thousands of relieved followers will rejoice with exasperation for the vitriolic reign of the one whose name they could not spell correctly or pronounce without flubbing.

Overheard in Jalalbucks

The final act of this grand and gory drama was made crystal clear by the blasting news reports of when Bin Laden got this message hand delivered by special forces.


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