Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grand Finale

The Man the Magic

One measure of success is how much you are loved by others, including former US presidents.
The recent Beatification of Pope John Paul #2 confirms his sainthood and Vatican assurance that his remains will be preserved for adoration.

Word is My Sword

The Legacy of Martin Luther King will also be revered for his life's work to bring world peace through non-violence.

Act 3 Scene 2 Take 1

The shock and spectacle of death that engulf defining moments in the human psyche are in time transformed and twisted by a mythology that serves a scripted continuum.

Paper Machete

This photo, a clownish reenactment of the event in Bolivia 1968 where the corpse of Che Guevara was presented to the world press rather artistically defuses the passion of el Che, a man of war.

Seeing Believing

Here is the official image, corpse with eyes opened. It is interesting that immediately after the assassination photos show Che with eyes closed, leading one to conclude a decision was made that the eyes would be opened for some macabre humiliating or hypnotic purpose.

Sacred BodyBag

There are gushing volumes of talk about the one whose name i will not write.
There is an ocean of myth being poured into the vessel of civilization.
There is a billowing cloud of closure being crafted for consumption.

Deep Fry Turkey

Ceremonial burials at sea seem the appropriate choice to dispose of both pirates and presidents. We are after all, part fish. But like so many of my countrymen's disdain for bin Ladin, i might have signed off on the cremating blast from an oil well in his backyard burial.

Headline for Humanity

Let's honestly hope it's time to say adios to endless war's circus of carnivores.
Somehow i doubt it but who is ready for a ticker-tape parade?

photo not related.

What's next, a memorial to O'binLaden?

Update: According to Cindy Sheehan, this whole corpse story stinks... inclined to agree?


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