Sunday, May 15, 2011

Got Hydrology

Just One Drop. When the going gets tough, the tough get soaked.

Mobius Revolution. Irony runs counter-cyclical when focus is on naysayers. What is amusing today may be our woes tomorrow. One thing is certain: when it rains, truth roars.

Mr. Mississippi is a shimmering blue snake in the grass not hard to find, enthralling to discover navigate trace the meandering towards its delta estuary soaked and churned in a venom of uncertainty gushing into the gulf of mexico BP basin.

Rage Management: the Itaipu Dam in Brazil. They don't need us, for now.

This is how we roll, "people need stuff" painting by Herve DiRosa

The Mighty Miss flushes and flexes her discontent for our irrelevance.

Lousy Louisiana Luck

On the rocks with a splash of holy water, our cups runneth over for the victims of the flooding.

Mighty Miss explains once again to the USACE, her right to peccadillos.

Construction on the All Possible Three Gorges Dam in China is almost Finished.

Before and After the flood, these photos look quaint from the long view of a satellite.

Wet boots on the ground tell an epic tale of our presumed detachment from nature. The planet can only take so much abuse from man, we are like the eager beavers on Owsley 2011.

Mayfair for a Moment.
What are folks supposed to do, where we s'pose to go! Frontiers are in the eyes of the befuddled, good news is man has a knack for finding water in the desert.

Missed the Boat. Juragua Nuclear Plant in Cuba sits crumbling never to become operational.


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