Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kettle to the Metal

Caps and Groans

When considering the quest for credentials, a college education is well beyond the reach of most teenagers with diminished expectations. At my kid public high school, at best half the students will go on to college. DASH is the exception.

Kettling for Curricula

Meanwhile back in the old country the Tea Kettle is whizzing with the vapors of discontent.

"More than 30 people were arrested in London alone as protests against education cuts erupted across Britain. An estimated 130,000 people demonstrated in the capital against the government’s proposals to raise university fees...."

"Police have been employing their controversial “kettling “ tactic, which involves herding the crowds into confined spaces in order to control them."

Edutopia Rocked

Prince Charles and that other lady thought they were immune to the roar outsider their Rolls. Perhaps so but they got a rude awakening on their sunday drive.

Thin Blue Line

The cost of a four year degree in a US university is in the five digits per year. That makes the credit card companies drool with green eyes. $50,000. is well beyond the reach of most american households. For them there are few options, go to work in a service economy, enlist in the armed forces or take the low road of degeneracy.

In contrast to their counterparts in England, American kids do not feel entitled to a college education. One thing is certain, there will be little noise from the downtrodden here when it comes to opportunity.

House of Animals

Thanks be to Jesus, Moses, Mohammed and Meghan McCain that most US kids are more interested in Facebook than in going to college.


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