Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All That Glitters is Not Sold

Geez, Where's the Beach?

Like no other perennially themed week of events in South Florida's SOBE,
ABMB has once again cast an air of entitlement on the hollowed hegemony of the elite art industry and residual motivations to the local arts community. That which lures jet-loads of world-class enthusiasts is part home-grown part import. It is the habitual desire to live by art that transcends cultural and economic distinctions. Committed minds are no doubt scheming over next year's fair when all the hullabaloo will be repeated like a broken record.

NADA ZipZero

Two heads are better than one, as these charming fixtures pleasingly display. They don't have much to say but, hey they are a welcoming sight for lost tourist wondering if they are in the right place.

Pool Gallery Berlin, i want one of these...
OHWOW in their Design District Tent, great schmear art.

Design Miami in SOBE, way to go w the swampiness!

Overall i rate Design Miami Fair a shiny 14-karat thumbs sideways.


The folks at Shafrazi Booth were pleasantly accessorized with a treasure trove of Robert Williams awe inspiring masterpieces. What is beyond comprehension is how Williams can be so revered in the west coast and virtually unknown in the east coast.

Molly Hatchet

It is stuff like these reclining dummies in revolutionary costumes that begs the question,
WTF, i like that?!

Here are a few of my favorites...
another WTF moment
Queue for the Infinity Booth of Mirrors
...and finally this amazing display of WTF cardboard boxes at ABMB

Yes there were predictable blue-chip works on display, but there were also plenty of absolutely bizarre pieces that leave many scratching their heads with thoughts of,
"I Can Do That... But Why?"

The Kiss of Art

We opened Swampspace Gallery so as to have an excuse for missing half the stuff there is to do during Art Week in Miami.

What was your excuse?


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