Wednesday, December 15, 2010

another $#$%^&* ticket

To their credit the Triple A (American Auto Association) appears to be one of the few voices of the motoring public expressing futile opposition to the current plague infesting our roadways. Sadly our whispers are being drowned out by an element of our communities blinded by the allure of a revenue stream the size of the Amazon river that is too tempting for those money grubbers to do the right thing by we the people.

Just Doing Their Job

People who say they are just doing their job and their job is to reduce the quality of life for others are just part of the problem.

Safety, Yeah Right

From the comfort of their bunkers, grubby authoritarians followers are poised to shake-down the motoring public. How do they sleep at night? Very well no doubt in their kevlar pajamas.

Turn Don't Turn

Of the 16 municipalities that issue citations for right turns and were able to break down their violation data, 100 percent acknowledged the majority of their tickets come from right turns. The total of right-turn citations going out per town ranged from 100 percent to 64 percent. Six municipalities estimated the rate of right-turn tickets was 90 percent or higher of the total violations.

The Camel's Back

I am running out of Christian Goodness for zero tolerance, My Jewish self is hating on the hundreds of thousand of millions extorted and my Muslim side is about to go bombastic if folks don't wake up soon and demand to Right the Wrong that are red-light scamera citations.

Just a Matter of Time

I guarantee you that sooner or later if you drive daily, a big fat ticket or two are in the stars for you. It will not come with any lubricant, instead it will feel like a corn cob soaked in gasoline.

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