Monday, November 22, 2010

the Happy Warriors

One More for the Road

Before the Tea Party got all teed-off at every Democrat Liberal, Jimmy's brother Billy Carter was craftily ridiculed for being the All American Guy.

The Vision Thing

Before the Gipper turned Republican, he supported many Progressive Ideals. Papa Bush has always been the grease in the gears of regressive thinking.


Before nervous Nixon trashed the Executive Branch with cries of "I Am Not a Crook", there was one man who stood out from the crowd of crumb-cakes that comprised big-boy politics.

Lean Left

Hubert Humphrey is a hero to a generation of progressives who fought tirelessly for the advancement of the American worker and the Civil Rights Movement. Humphrey was also an incubator of great ideals such as the Peace Corps and Nuclear Disarmament and Food Stamps.

Speaking Truth to Controlfreaks

But what happens to people when they rise to position of prominence and power?
As the old protest song of disillusion says:

"Whatever became of Hubert? Has anyone heard a thing? Once he shone on his own, now he sits home alone and waits for the phone to ring. Once a fiery liberal spirit, ah, but now when he speaks he must clear it. ..."

Bunkers for Health Care

Great people get building and bridges named after them...

Building Bridges

Hubert was very good at working across the isle and reaching out to the most entrenched unsavory element of power of his time, the incorrigible Dixiecrats ( perhaps today's Teabaggers). The southern power structure opposed to Civil Rights was like a giant pile of festering hate-dung baked in the sun to a crusty collapsible house.

Embalming Tea

Not so great conservative ideals just get a formaldehyde makeover and are hurled back out to the great stage for tragic regurgitation.

Can you name a Happy Warrior for our times?

Hint: It rhymes with orange!


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